The Ghana Chronicles: 11

July 18, 2000

Dear Journal,

Today we went to Oso and ate at this American restaurant called “Frankies”.  This group of Americans came over and one of them told us a poem with God in it.

Then, I went to the bathroom and one of the women, when I told her I’d experienced some culture shock said, “Yea, well you know you’re in a different place and then you see a black. . . ” And I was like, “WHAT?! WHAT FUCKING CONTINENT ARE WE ON?!  THIS IS AFRICA! OF COURSE I’M GONNA SEE “A BLACK”.

It was so aggravating- why the hell is she over here spreading the word of God when she’s gonna be all racist like that?  Ugh!  It pissed me off SO much.

Love always,



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