The Ghana Chronicles: 12

July 19, 2000

Dear Journal,

I was just thinking about the time I won the gold medal for Girl’s Oratory Speech in fifth grade and I was so excited that I cried until I saw my mom across the room.  She was crying too, but she was motioning me to take deep breaths and then start my speech.  It makes my eyes water now, thinking about how much I love her and how much she means to me.  Sigh.

Anyhow, today was pretty relaxed.  I got to play basketball with some guys in the neighborhood.  That was definitely a high point.

As I was walking back from my taxi stop, I was breathing in deeply (it stunk) and I looked around and I felt so good.  Just being here.  Just knowing that my dream has finally come true.  I’m here.  I’m in Africa.  I’m not in some hotel visiting, I’m living with Africans, eating their food and living, for the most part, their life.  I just can’t imagine truly living here.  Of course I can’t.  America has spoiled me!  MY LIFE and the way I have chosen to live it has spoiled me.

But my heart is still in the right place.

I’ll write tomorrow!

With love always,




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