Aurora Mae Turns 4


Oh, Aurora Mae.  How have four years already passed?  It seems like yesterday I was anxiously awaiting your arrival, 11 days past your due date.  You were comfortable living inside of me and not much has changed since then.  You love your momma.  You love your daddy and your sisters.  You have a lot of love in that little heart.  And the truth is, I miss you.

Ever since your newest little sister Emma Jane was born, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with just me and you.  You attend preschool three mornings a week and when you are home I often rely on you to play with your two-year-old sister, Harper.

So on your fourth birthday I am going to make a commitment to find time for us.  You are a sensitive little beauty and I know how much that time would mean to you (and me!).  Until then, let me tell you about YOU at 4 years old:

You are musical.  You are always singing, dancing and playing an instrument, even if what you are playing (a pot, wand, etc.) was not designed as such.10437689_10101956604016739_7247679805613518393_n.jpgYou have the most infectious laugh- it spreads like joy through every strand of hair and the tips of your toes and you can’t stop yourself once you get started.

10500582_10102023275980589_4563938026487025617_n.jpgYou love to read and you love to imagine.  I am anxious to watch you continue to enjoy these two things in the coming years.  It is so fun to watch you with your sister Harper.

1904049_10101891634067039_9099278506527943078_n.jpgYou are friendly.  Although shy at first, you are the type of child that can get along with just about anyone.

10404210_10102026435473939_2351992343051335752_n.jpgYou are artistic.  You love to draw, paint, and create.

IMG_8428.jpgYou love princesses (how could you not, you are named after Sleeping Beauty!) and think yourself one.

IMG_9462.jpgYou are particular about your clothes but you are happy wearing the same outfit for days on end until it mysteriously vanishes into the laundry pile. . .


You are timid when it comes to trying new things, especially physical things involving movement.

IMG_8507 (1).jpg

You. Are. Beautiful.  Inside and out.  You are a beauty to behold and I cannot believe your daddy and I created you.

IMG_8042.jpgAurora, I am so lucky to be your mother.  Every night, after nursing Emma, I sneak into your room and take a moment to watch you sleep, in awe of your innocence, your purity.  I get teary-eyed and smile.

I love you sweet baby girl and am soaking up every minute with you.

Happy Birthday.


Special thanks to Dee Akright and Camille Vaughan Photography 


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