Wish it Away

Anyone who has been faced with a chronic illness or disability can relate . . .

You pray.

You hope.

You beg.

You wish it away.

You bargain.

You break.

You resign to recognize there are so many others who wish the same. . .

For it to go away.

Until the sickening realization that it may not.

It may for some, but not you.

For you, it stays.

And you wonder- why me?

You look to God, you look to your family and friends and you know,

it’s your burden to bear.

So what are you going to do with it?

We weep. We mourn. We lament.

And then. . .

And then. . . .

we rise.

We rise again.

And again.

And we wish it away again every day.

Camille Vaughan


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