What makes a coach?

I always assumed it was a prestigious group. 

Maybe she was born with it.

Maybe it was Maybelline?

Whatever it was, I never in a hundred-million-years believed it could have been me. 

But then I learned of this organization that took athleticism and married it with girl-power-inspiration and I fell in love. 

As a mother of four daughters, how could I not represent? 

Girls on the Run. 

I started the process and reached for the help I needed to make it possible. 

And isn’t it amazing how help arrives 

When we give ourselves the permission to ask for what we need?

Here they came, from the brinks: 

She, a previous GOTR coach with grown children. 

Her, a working mother of four. 

My friend, an invested military mom. 

And the one who made our expansion from 15 to 22 possible- the outlier, willing to commit for the greater good.  

Together we shared the responsibility and together we led.

22 girls. 

11 weeks.

One 5K. 

She believed she could. 

So, she did. 

Girls on the Run.

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