They say it goes quickly but I keep having “them” so it seems to never end.  When my daughter stated matter-of-factly that I wouldn’t be able to carry her once she was five years-old it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Whoa.  Where has my baby gone?

These are unsettling times.  A pending presidential election polarizing our country.  It’s hard to see the big picture and yet, come back down to Earth.  What really matters?

God.  Brush Him off.  Roll your eyes.  Deny His existence but you still hear Him.

Family.  Seriously, other than God, what ELSE MATTERS?

Love.  Oh, Love.  Love is what matters.  In the end, it is all that has ever mattered.  We are born to love if only we can find it in our lifetime. . .

Which brings us back to children.

Why do we have them?  They are exhausting and egocentric but they are LIFE.  And life is fleeting.


Is Fleeting.


Pray.  Connect.  Love.

It is all that has ever mattered.

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