My Friend Camille

I love you.  And Thank You.Thank you for being you.  For being a full-time working mom of three beautiful and lucky children with a hobby of photography on the side that seems to be competing as a second full-time job.

You. are. so. talented.  You have “the eye”.  You have the drive, you always have.  Whatever you set your mind to, you achieve.  You are unstoppable.

You are my friend so I knew you would understand but I was still a bit embarrassed by the state of my home when you met us to do a shoot in Nags Head, North Carolina this past August.

You snapped photos of the disaster that was my living room, apologetically explaining that this is what you loved.  The raw reality of life as-it-is.  I cringed and yet accepted it.  You are the master, after all.

Who knew these would be such treasured “images”, as you say because I know they are so much more than “pictures”.

They represent a moment in time.  Our life with three tiny children.  Messy.  Chaotic.  Not staged.

This is our life.  And you celebrate it.  And because of your appreciation of it, I celebrate it a little more, too.

So again, thank you.  Thank you for not only giving me something I can look back on for years to come, but also for helping me to appreciate it for what it is now.

I love you sweet friend.  You are amazing.  And so are your images 🙂



Images by Camille Vaughan Photography 


One thought on “My Friend Camille

  1. THANK YOU for saying this!! I tried to keep things clean and straightened up. It was causing me stress and I was losing my patience more. So I try to zone it out as much as possible. It was still starting to wear on me. Then this week I got a house cleaner (replacing the yard maintenance in the budget) and HOLY SANITY SAVER BATMAN! Had the most glorious stress free weekend. 🙂 and lots of quality family time. Our living areas still look like a babies r us threw up there but I too am embracing that it’s part of this life and this moment. Thank you for sharing this and helping to remind me of that.


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