Emma Jane Turns ONE!


I’m crying.  Partially because my littlest baby will be ONE on Thanksgiving this year and also because I survived.  I made it an entire year staying-at-home with a then newborn, 2 & 3 year-old and now 1, 3 and 4 year-old.  Looking back at photos, it seems so fast.  Remembering it for what it was, it feels like it took an eternity to get here.  And yet here we are, and here is what we have learned:

  1.  Simplicity is the key to life.  Less things, more time.  Less inside, more outside.  Less there, more here at home.
  2. Slow down.  Take the time to sit down and play, make believe.  Play hide-and-seek and chase.  That is all they ever want to do and all that really matters to them.
  3. Choose your battles selectively.  Matching shoes?  No.  Shoes, period?  Maybe, if it is cold outside or they are walking somewhere in public.  Otherwise, Not. Worth. It.
  4. TAKE A BREAK.  Schedule dates with your spouse and friends.  The return is 200%.
  5. Pray & Love.  Pray for patience and humility.  Pray for others every single day.  It always helps to think of others.  And Love.  Love God.  Love your support.  Love your children.  And Love and take care of yourself.  You will all be better as as result of it in the end 🙂


And look why.  Aren’t they amazing?


Happy FIRST birthday Emma Jane.  You are an incredibly happy baby and we cannot wait to witness the incredible woman you will one day become.  We love you with our whole heart sweet, baby girl.


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